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        Professional Needs

        1. Professional requirements: The background of science and engineering majors such as automation, machinery, electronics, computer, communication, instrumentation, etc. is preferred;

        2. English level 4 or above;

        3. Excellent academic performance, good conduct, no bad records;

        4. Have a certain logical thinking ability and communication and expression ability, optimistic and enterprising, cooperation and win-win;

        5. Customer-centric service awareness and professionalism.

        Schoolship Process

        Schoolship Tour

        The 2019 Campus Recruitment Seminar is as follows

        1. City
        2. Institution
        3. Date
        4. Time
        5. Location
        • No
        • No
        • No
        • No
        • No

        School recruitment position

        1. Position name
        2. Recruiting department
        3. Work place
        4. Number of recruits
        5. Academic requirements
        6. Gender requirements
        7. Release date
        8. Deadline
        • No
        • No
        • No
        • 0people
        • Bachelor
        • 不限
        • 2018-08-08
        • 2018-09-30
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